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My Submission for Search for a Star 2019, 

I tried to create a character that looks like it could fit into the Blizzard Universe, specifically Heroes of the Storm. The character is based of this concept: 


In trying to recreate the art style used within Heroes, I used the Spec/Gloss workflow to stay as true as possible to the engine used. In doing so, i haven't been able to successfully translate the renders in UE4.

Either way, It was a blast to create the Blood Knight for this competition deadline, next time i'll have to be a bit more broad in the creation techniques so I can actually be in with a chance to win.

Overall this was my first game ready character i've created so there were a few mistakes/obstacles I couldn't quite overcome in time, but you live an learn! 

For more renders/details as well as a Marmoset Toolbag viewer check out the Artstation submission:


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Jack_Walker_SFAS19_Sketchbook.pdf 22 MB
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